Sister of Algirdas Kazragis, Doloresa Kazragytė, an actress, essayist and playwright was born in the Gari village in the Yaroslavl region during the WWII. In her book “ The Bridge without Railings” she wrote about her brother Algirdas (in the family called Alelis): "It was a man, a survivor of the plight of his childhood and youth, with a sensitive soul, ready to do only good, seeking justice, conveying the weak, the unlucky. His life was the life of a man who has not created anything special to survive for future generations. However, the people with whom he spoke, loved and helped him, he left a footprint, which not only did not go down in the course of the year, but as it were, it became more vibrant, deepened and became more and more important. [...] The Lake Germantas, the hills and forests of Samogitia have become my hometown, thanks to my brother Alius. I understood that this was my own homeland. Žemaitija became special for me, as it was special deep in my heart with pink, juicy raspberries, deep blue forest violets, and the ripple of Lake Germantas with the greatness of the sea. The language of Samogitia become the only one, expensive, incredibly real, temperamental and at the same time gentle, since my brother has not hesitate to speak in it.