Exhibition annotation

Samogitian Museum ‘Alka’ in Telšiai is one the richest and oldest museums in the periphery of Lithuania. The most valuable representing the region history exhibits – old documents, manuscripts, photos, art works, ethnographic objects, collections of archaeological finds and many other – are accumulated and stored in the museum.

Opening Act of the Samogitian Museum ‘Alka’ (1932), Magdeburg Rights Privilege, Telšiai city plan (1791) granted by the Grand Duke of Lithuania and the King of Poland Stanislaw August, map of the Grand Duke of Lithuania (1613) and several other unique documents and prints are displayed in this virtual exhibition.

Among the archaeological finds you can have a look at a 11th – 13th c. cross pin, 11th – 12th c. spiral and ornamented bracelets, brooches with poppy ends and other unique archaeological articles found during the researches and excavations in the ethnographic region of Samogitia.

The most valuable fine arts samples – Mykolas Kulieša (1799-1863) painting ‘Mountain landscape with a castle’, Vincentas Slendzinskis (1837-1909) ‘Granny threading a needle’, bust of Marie Antoinette (1737-1817) made by Felic Lecomte, 19th c. vase designed by Chinese artists are also  displayed in this virtual exhibition.

There are several old photos illustrating the history of the region, photos of stuffed animals in this virtual exhibition. Couple exhibits – bedspread, towel, scarf, towel rack and chest – are related with the ethnographic history of the region.