Exhibition annotation

Vilnius Art Gallery, established in the Old Town of Vilnius (4 Didžioji st.), presents the most valuable 16th – 19th c. art works of Lithuanian painters that are stored in the collection of the Lithuanian Art Museum. Permanent exposition is set in the Counts Chodkevičiai Palace, built in the beginning of the 17th c. This palace was reconstructed for several times, the current appearance of the building was designed after the restoration of 1825–1834, when the Chodkevičiai Palace was reconstructed in the late classicism style, most likely the project of the architect Tomas Tišeckis.

Visitors start a tour through the introductory halls of the Vilnius Art Gallery with restored 19th century interiors. Authentic elements (fireplaces, moldings, polychrome) of extant interiors are enriched by furniture and applied art of that time. The 19th century Vilnius resembles portraits of renowned Vilnius citizens, images of old Vilnius.

The main exposition of the gallery consists of chronologically (from 16th to 19th c.) arranged sequence of Lithuanian art history. Portraits of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania painted by the local or abroad art masters are exhibited in here. Art of professors and students of the Vilnius Art School (consisting of various art departments in the Vilnius University during the period of 1793–1832) is widely represented in the gallery. No less detailed is the collection of creation work of the second half of the 19th century painters, who after the closure of Vilnius University endeavoured for art studies in the art schools of Russia, Poland, Germany, France and Italy.

A part of unique and valuable exhibits of the Vilnius Art Gallery are displayed in this virtual exhibition.