Exhibition annotation

The most valuable and unique collection of archaeological finds of the sea coast region is stored in the Kretinga Museum. The majority of the archaeological values were excavated and researched by historians, museum’s specialists Julius Kanarskas and Donatas Butkus.


The museum is proud of the collections that consist of the art works of manor houses, folk and ethnographic art. The most interesting and unique exhibits are exhibited in the expositions, temporary exhibitions and this virtual exhibition.


A part of this virtual exhibition consists of the unique archaeological finds from the ancient settlement of Šventoji and burial sites of Lazdininkai, Kašučiai, Kretinga, Padvariai. Several coins from the Palanga-Kunigiškiai and Kretinga treasures are exhibited also. Among the ethnographic objects you will have the possibility to have a look at The Pancake Tuesday mask, the distaff, measure cup, decorated dower chest, towel rack, pitcher wrapped by bark and several other exhibits that identify  the ethnography of this region. Virtual exhibition consists of paintings of the Western Europe artists; folk art works among which is unique sculptures ‘St. Catherine of Alexandria’, ‘St. Margaret of Antioch’, ‘Pieta’.