Exhibition annotation

The rich collections of Lithuanian folk art is accumulated and preserved in the Lithuanian Art Museum. Valuable applied art, fine art and textile exhibits – such as crosses, chapels, graphics, painting and wood sculpture of the 17th – 20th c. are in the collection of folk fine art. The largest collection of Vincas Svirkis (1835–1916) crosses with bas-relief figures of saints is stored in the museum (20 artworks). Especially valuable part of this collection are the best representation of graphics art works (‘Gate of Dawn Our Lady of Mercy’, ‘Adam and Eve’, ‘The Last Judgement’) of Aleksandras Vinkus (1832–1912).

Contemporary folk art (the second half of the 20th c. – the beginning of the 21st c.) also belongs to the collection of fine arts. The most interesting and valuable art works are of the carvers Ipolitas Užkurnis, Stanislovas Riauba, Lionginas Šepka and folk painters Petronelė Gerlikienė, Monika Bičiūnienė, Jadvyga Nalivaikienė.

The best representative of the contemporary folk graphics is Romanas Krasninkevičius with the largest collection of woodcuts in Lithuania.

Sculpture is one of the most expressive and richest branches of the folk art. Lithuanian Art Museum has the largest and the most valuable collection of folk sculpture. You will have an outstanding opportunity to have a look at various sculptures of the saints and other sculptures in this virtual exhibition. A part of the sculptures are from the group compositions that are preserved in the museum.