Exhibition annotation

Biržai Region Museum ‘Sėla’ established in the Biržai Castle is one of the oldest museums that accumulated the largest ant the most valuable collection in the periphery of Lithuania. The most interesting and valuable exhibits are displayed in the permanent exposition and temporary exhibitions. Unique exhibits found during the archaeological excavations in Biržai Castle and Biržai old town are exhibited in the museum. 16th – 19th c. the written language and documentary objects, documents and publications of the Lithuanian Reformed Church (including the Radvilos’, or the Lithuanian Brasta Bible (1563)), publications printed of the Biržai printing house extant to the present day are displayed in the exposition. Visitors will be acquainted with the rich collection of the numismatics which contains of unique banknotes of the Republic of Lithuania. Museum also exhibits a part of the collection of coins. Visitors are attracted by the valuable collections of ancient and present folk art, the collection of ancient musical instruments.

The most interesting, valuable and unique exhibits from various collections of Biržai Region Museum ‘Sėla’ are displayed in this virtual exhibition.