Exhibition prepared by the 3rd year students of Vilnius University’s Communication faculty’s Cultural Information and Communication and Heritage Communication specialty

Annotation of exhibition

After the Second World War Romanas Sirotskis come back to Lithuania. But he could not get on fit with Soviet system because he does not stick to the rules of that time. Those who knew this person, said, that his uniq. His biography is very wavy. He is born on 1905 in Kaunas, in 1917 get on Donecko area. Then he‘s became an orphan. During the civil war he came to Konstantinopolis. He‘s study in russian gymnasium. Also, he‘s learned in Ukrainian academy, but did not end, because he was eliminated. He was arrested by the Nazis, and later he was sent to work in Germany. He was running, hiding. He was accepted to the Lithuanian Artist‘s Uninion only in 1964. Many years he workdes as an artist at the Kaunas Fabric Factory. Died in Kaunas 1981 on march.