Exhibition annotation

Rokiškis Region Museum was established in the former manor house of the counts. 100 000 exhibits are accumulated in the museum, 3 permanent exhibitions are installed.

Preserved and restored the end of the 19th – the beginning of the 20th c. the collection of clothes and clothing accessories of the counts Tysenhaus and Przeździecki are exhibited in exposition ‘The Culture and History of the 19th – the beginning of the 20th c. Manor houses’: 10 dresses worn by Rokiškis countesses, morning countess livery ‘negligge’ of the second half of the 19th c., 12 pieces of men’s clothing, 8 pieces of counts’ children clothing.

The most valuable and unique exhibits from the permanent exhibitions and repositories of the museum are displayed in this virtual exhibition ‘Clothing and accessories of Rokiškis Counts’. Here you can see not only clothing, but also accessories, shirts, pants, shoes, sticks, socks, belts, handbags, jewellery, ribbons, buttons.