Exhibition annotation

Towel hangers spread in Lithuanian household from the nineteenth century. This decorative, simple construction decoration was hanging on the back or side walls of dwellings near the table. Most towels that there hanged on the towel hangers were not used for wiping wet hands.

Side towel hanger’s holds the towel in the middle of the roller, which covers the front fastened to a table adorned with through incisions, relief carvings and profiled. Decoration were chosen as simple geometric shapes and stylized with floral patterns. For the most part were used segmental star as decorative elements. Sometimes the letters are decorated on the sides, but in most cases there are found “S” shaped ornaments of through incisions. Individual folk motives craftsmen carved in sculptural form, especially highlighted patterns with paint. Over the roller there was a fitted shelf or cabinet for various trifles, usually for shaving utensils and plates to put in.

There are more than one hundred exhibits in Samogitian Museum “Alka” brought from Telšiai, Plungė, Skuodas, Akmenė and the districts of Mažeikiai and Kelmė. From the museum documents there are registered 53 towel holder makers and craftsmen last names that there folk artist in Samogitia.

The collection of towel hangers were digitized in 2015 in Samogitian museum “Alka” from the project financed by the Lithuanian council for culture funds, “The digitization of cultural heritage. Past for the future”.