Exhibition annotation

A large part of old photos collection consists of the photos with the manor house of the Dukes Oginskiai, hosts of the manor – Marija and Mykolas Oginskiai, courtiers and musicians. In subsequent years, after the death of Mykolas Oginskis, a part of musicians moved to the United States of America and continued their musical career.

Many people captured in these photos were never identified.

Author of the two photos displayed in this virtual exhibition is a renowned Lithuanian photographer of the beginning of the 20th century Ignas Stropus (1884–1959). Other two authors of the photos – Geruzet Freres, Michael Berkovich – were also recognized. The rest of the authors are unidentified.

These photos got in to the museum in various ways. A large part of the collection was left by the history researcher and pedagogue from Plungė, Eleonora Chainauskaitė-Ravickienė (24-1-1916–6-1-2004).