Exhibition annotation

The Nalšia Museum is ethnographic museum in Švenčionys. Museum has more than 52 thousands archaeological, nature, historical and ethnographic exhibits that demonstrate the history and present day of Nalšia Region.

Exposition of the museum is divided into four sections: Archaeology, Nature, History and Ethnography.

The collection of archaeological finds includes exhibits from the Mesolithic period (8000 BC) till the Late Iron Age (13th c.). Arrowheads, axes, scrapers, cutters, bone articles, horn articles are the oldest finds in the collection. Spiritual life of The Stone Age and the Bronze Age people reflects teeth of animals worn by hunters, tusks, amulets, anthropomorphic masks for ancestral cult worshiping, zoomorphic mascots displayed in the exposition. By using the latest researches of burial mounds in the East of Lithuanian the Iron Age period is represented.

A part of the most valuable exhibits is displayed in this virtual exhibition: unique archaeological finds, exhibits from the History section of the museum, accessories used in manors houses and towns during the period of the end of the 19th c. – the beginning of the 20th c. In this virtual exhibition you will be also acquainted with the most valuable ethnographic exhibits of the Nalšia Region.