Exhibition annotation

Lida Meškaitytė (1926-1993) was born on 30th December 1926 in Antšvenčiai, near Smalininkai town. She was a self-taught painter. During the Second World War Meškaitytė became disabled when an unstable wall fell down on her legs. She had a treatment for several years and after it decided to try art as a self-realization method. Meškaitytė started painting in 1947. After 10 year her art work was picked by various exhibitions. Her paintings astonish with subtlety, precise paint strokes, colour selection, diligence and deep sensation of nature. Artist reached the peak of creative excellence in 1970-1985. Meškaitytė’s watercolour miniatures are significant heritage of Lithuanian folk art of the second half of the 20th c.

On 22nd July 1993 artist bequeathed her art works (765 units) for the Republic of Lithuania. They were handed over for preserving and exhibiting to the Lithuanian Art Museum. The greater part of the legacy consists of miniatures and pencil drawings.

The most valuable exhibits of L. Meškaitytė are displayed in this virtual exhibition. More detailed virtual exhibition of the creation work of L. Meškaitytė is represented here http://www.rinkinys.ldm.lt/Virtualios%20parodos/Meskaityte/mesk.htm