Exhibition annotation

The researcher of Leonardas Tuleikis creation work dr. Nijolė Tumėnienė emphasized that ‘Leonardas Tuleikis is one of the most famous Lithuanian painters of the second half of the 20th century, who exhibited his art works in almost all Lithuanian art exhibitions held in Lithuania and abroad. During the period of 1975–1976 he had an internship in Italy. Tuleikis was among those Lithuanian vanguardism painters who began to use deformed forms principles, he anticipated Lithuanian folk art tradition in a modern way of art making – interpretation of plastic forms was a new inspirational source. Tuleikis was a head of the Painters’ Section and member of the management board in the Lithuanian Artists’ Association and upholder of a true art. Any of the art triennials of the Baltic States were not organized without the art work of Leonardas Tuleikis’.

‘Tuleikis’ painting was always even too serious, with psychological depth and plastic forms that were meaningful and full of spiritual tension. He had the Samogitian firm attitude towards the important issues of human existence – often dramatic, affected by suffering and empathy. Harmonious composition, inner expression and constant tension created by the combination of hard colouring tones and constructive structure of view is characteristic for Tuleikis paintings. You will be always surprised how skilfully every area of the painting is painted, every tint, smooth and rough textures, paint strokes rhythm are matched. Such a lively sparkle of colours that is accustomed to see in the stained glass, can be found in the compositions of Tuleikis’

Tuleikis worked until the last days of his life. He is best known as a painter, however he used various techniques.

The rich collection of Leonardas Tuleikis art work is stored in the Lithuanian Art Museum. Several paintings are exhibited in the National Art Gallery. The most valuable art works of Tuleikis from the collection of the Lithuanian Art Museum are displayed in this virtual exhibition.