Exhibition annotation

Kanutas Ruseckas is one of the most prominent the second half of the 19th c. Lithuanian artists. He is a representative of the Vilnius Art School, father of painter Boleslovas Mykolas Ruseckas (1824-1913). K. Ruseckas was born on 22nd February 1800 in Stebėkiai village (present day Panevėžys district); died on 2nd September 1860, buried in Vilnius in Bernardine cemetery.

Originally Ruseckas studied in Troškūnai School. In 1816 he joined Vilnius University the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics; in 1818 switched to the Faculty of Literature and Liberal Arts. He studied drawing and painting under Jan Rustem, sculpture – under Kazimierz Jelski. During the period of 1820-1821 Ruseckas attended the lithography workshop. In the summer of 1821 he got the letter of recommendation from Vilnius University, money from his father and left for studies in France. He studied in the Academy of Paris under Professor Guillaume Guillon-Lethiere. In 1822 Ruseckas moved to Rome. Artist attended the Academy of French Art led by Jean-Antoine Grosso. He studied painting under the Professor Vincenzo Camuccini of the Academy of St. Luke, sculpture under Berthel Thorvaldsen in his workshop. In 1831 Ruseckas came back to Vilnius. Since 1834 until his death he worked as a drawing teacher at the Vilnius Institute of Nobility.

Ruseckas painted landscapes, portraits and domestic scenes. Sketches, nature landscapes remained from the studies period in Rome. He perpetuated architectural monuments and complexes, narrow streets of the old town, exotic vegetation of parks, provinces of Rome and Italian landscapes in his art work. A large part of his art work consists of concrete and visually accurate landscapes of Vilnius. Ruseckas was also a talented portraitist.

More than 330 drawings, sketches, studies, copies, landscapes, portraits, domestic compositions of Ruseckas are stored in Lithuanian Art Museum. A part of them visitors could see in the permanent exposition of the Vilnius Art Gallery. A wider acquaintance of Kanutas Ruseckas art work waits in this virtual exhibition.