Exhibition annotation

Lithuanian painter Boleslovas Mykolas Ruseckas was born on 23rd November 1824 in Rome; died on 31st January 1913 in Vilnius, buried next to his father in the Bernardine cemetery.

The first art lessons Boleslovas received from his father at home. Subsequently, during the period of 1843-1850 he studied in the Petersburg Academy of Arts where Ruseckas’ teachers were Karl Bryullov and Fiodor Bruni. For some time he had a training in Rome. In 1850 he was awarded by the nomination of free artist for a portrait he painted. Usually Ruseckas used oil paint, watercolour, pastels for painting portraits, landscapes, domestic and religious compositions.

A part of B. M. Ruseckas creative legacy is preserved in Lithuanian Art Museum. The valuable art work is exhibited in the Vilnius Art Gallery. A wider acquaintance of B. M. Ruseckas art work waits for you in this virtual exhibition.