Exhibition annotation

Algimantas Kuncius – is an exceptional photographer from Lithuania, one of the most influential people who formed identity, style and face of Lithuanian photography. Despite the fact that reportage was the main style of photography at the time of the start of his career, Algimantas managed to find his own creative path. In his works of art, there are no clear boundaries between photography styles, he incorporates various reportage, journalistic and artistic forms. He is one of these rare cases, when creator manages to survive forever lasting changes and tendencies during history and even nowadays, his works are continuously admired and appreciated.

Photographer was born in 1939, in Pakruojis, later lived in Kaunas, but the biggest part of his life was spent in Vilnius. Attention to details and exceptional sensitivity to the environment are his signature features, so in his works we might discover his special bond with places, spaces and people who lived there. His main priority – cityscapes full of action, movement and vibe of people. Algimantas Kuncius was able to transform real life experiences and emotions of passers-by into work of art. He was focused and dedicated which completely transferred to his pictures, even though the soviet regimen was strict on artists and censorship of their work.

Photos of Algimantas Kuncius are the opposite of excessive drama, pretentious forms and ornate composition. Photographer focuses on precision of shot, subtle tones, sophisticated lightning and searches for exceptional moment to be worth of shot. Series of pictures “Portraits of Cultural Figures” are the perfect example of this statement. This set was presented to the audience for the first time in 1977, in his personal exhibition, organised by association of Lithuanian photographers. “Portraits of Cultural Figures” is a particularly delicate fragment of Kuncius work. This series is an excellent illustration of mastery of capturing the moment, detailed emotions and personal experience. Furthermore this shows the audience how Algimantas Kuncius managed to create intimate connection between him and his models, how he made it possible not to simply look at the face of a famous figure, but also feel the same as the person in the picture.