Exhibition prepared by the 3rd year students of Vilnius University’s Communication faculty’s Cultural Information and Communication and Heritage Communication specialty

Annotion of exhibition

Adomas Varnas is author of the world first album of ethnographical photography Lithuanian Crosses (Lietuvos kryžiai, 2 volumes, 1926, Kaunas) about the unique Lithuanian folk art, cross crafting. In this exhibition you will see 21 photographs, which are painted in the 19th-20th. In these works, the symbolism of religious motifs (crosses, chapels, roofing columns) reveals itself, which has an especially interesting and distinctive architecture, ethnography. The photos are black and white, which reflect Adamas Varnas creative.

Adomas Varnas was born in 1879 1th January  in Joniškis, died in 1979 July 19th in Chicago, United States. He was a painter, a graphic artist, a photographer, a voter of folk art, a propagator, a pedagogue of art, and a stage designer. He studied at the elementary school, later in Mintauja gymnasium, 1897-1900 – at the Kaunas Seminary.  XIX – XX century, he actively participated in the Lithuanian national revival movement, in theater activities, whose center was located in the Medvilionys Manor. 1900 He traveled to St. Petersburg where he studied art at the Imperial Arts School and at Štiglica Central School of Applied Arts. Since 1903 studied in Crakow in 1905-1907 studied at the Geneva Academy of Fine Arts in Switzerland. After completing studies in 1908 went to Sicily, became mountain scenery. 1909 returned to Lithuania Since 1910 lived in Zakopane. 1913 returned to Lithuania again, stayed in Vilnius. 1917-1918 taught in Voronezh. 1919 He returned to Vilnius, taught at Vilnius Vytautas Magnus Gymnasium in 1919. settled down in Kaunas, where in 1920 with other artists founded the Lithuanian Art Creators’ Association. 1920-1922 chairman of this society. 1923-1939 taught at Kaunas Art School. 1941 Moved to Vilnius and taught art at the State Art Institute. 1944 He retired to Germany in 1949. move to live in usa He was the honorary chairman of the Union of Lithuanian Artists, the honorary member of the American Society of Lithuanian Engineers and Architects, the honorary chairman of the Chicago County Cultural Council of the American Community of Chicago, the honorary member of the American Philatelic Society of Lithuania. One of the founders of the Chicago Ciurlionis Gallery.

Adomas Varnas has created about 1280 oil painting works, of which 170 portraits, 1090 landscapes, and about 470 graphic works. She created decorations for Mikhail Petrauskas opera “Birutė”, participated in the card competition (won the 1st prize), created postage stamps, litas banknote designs. The approved litas banknote projects began to be printed since 1922. August 28 signed with A. Haase lithography company. 1904 28h February The initiative of A. Varnas and J. A. Herbaciauskas in Krakow was founded by the Lithuanian society “Rūta”. Herbačiauskas was elected chairman of the 6th general meeting, the secretary – Varnas, and the librarian – Skirgaila.