The most valuable and unique collection of archaeological finds of the sea coast region is stored in the Kretinga Museum. The museum is proud of the collections that consist of the art works of manor houses, folk and ethnographic art. The most interesting and unique exhibits are exhibited in the expositions, temporary exhibitions and this virtual exhibition.
Sculpture is one of the most expressive and richest branches of the folk art. Lithuanian Art Museum has the largest and the most valuable collection of folk sculpture. You will have an outstanding opportunity to have a look at various sculptures of the saints and other sculptures in this virtual exhibition. A part of the sculptures are from the group compositions that are preserved in the museum.
Unique exhibits from Samogitian Museum ‘Alka’ are displayed in this virtual exhibition. Samogitian Museum ‘Alka’ in Telšiai is one the richest and oldest museums in the periphery of Lithuania. The most valuable representing the region history exhibits – old documents, manuscripts, photos, art works, ethnographic objects, collections of archaeological finds and many other – are accumulated and stored in the museum.
Biržai Region Museum ‘Sėla’ established in the Biržai Castle is one of the oldest museums that accumulated the largest ant the most valuable collection in the periphery of Lithuania. The most interesting, valuable and unique exhibits from various collections of Biržai Region Museum ‘Sėla’ are displayed in this virtual exhibition.