The family of sea mollusc murexes contains of more than 90 genus with various appearances and geographical habitat. These genus are united by one characteristic – predation. They feed on other molluscs, marine worms, crustaceans and various dead small animals.
Vaclovas Intas (1925–2007) the founder of the Republican Museum and Park of Rare Stones is the most famous person of Mosėdis village (Skuodas District). For many years he consistently and creatively worked for preserving boulders that are one of the rarest reflectors of geological past. The number of boulders is steadily decreasing in the natural environment of Lithuania. In the virtual exhibition samples of the exhibits from the rich collection of boulders are displayed. This collection consists of unique boulders, small stones that formed in human organism, semi-precious stones (minerals, palaeontological finds) etc.