2018 marks the one-hundred- year anniversary of the re-establishment of an independent State of Lithuania. It is opportunity for many of us to remember the most significant historic events and prominent statesmen of Lithuania. Many of them are captured in artworks which are part of Lithuanian museums’ collections. The Oginski Cultural History Museum of Rokiškis has one of the richest and largest collections. Thirty of Museum’s artworks were selected to be presented in this virtual exhibition, including portraits of Lithuanian statesmen, sculptures, and paintings depicting important events of history of Lithuania and state symbols.
This exhibition contains thirty portraits of saints and Lithuanian noblemen, which are demonstrated in order to introduce one with the artist’s creative techniques and the religious and historical plot. The works of this artist are relevant today as well. P. Smuglevicius’ portraits are characterized by masterful composition, accurate drawing, distinct and generalized form, and subtle changes in lighting. The artist left behind a vast amount of his paintings that contribute to the creation of Lithuanian culture and formation of the society’s identity.
The first Lithuanian coinage beginning linked to the fourteenth century. end. took place on important political events in Lithuania, which led to further developments in Lithuania. One of the most interesting state of historical, economic and cultural heritage legacy of characters is money.
This virtual exhibition is designed to acquaint the viewer with the motif of an angel, and its imaging versatility in Lithuanian art (paintings, graphics and sculptures).

Algimantas Kuncius – is an exceptional photographer from Lithuania, one of the most influential people who formed identity, style and face of Lithuanian photography. “Portraits of Cultural Figures” is an excellent illustration of mastery of capturing the moment, detailed emotions and personal experience.
Exhibition introduces painters of XIX - first half of XX century: Vladas Eidukevičius (1-4, 8, 11, 16, 18, 24, 32 photo.); Pranas Domšaitis (9-10 photo.); Boleslovas Mykolas Ruseckas (26, 31 photo.) and some works of other painters from the Lithuanian Art Museum collections.
The most valuable and unique collection of archaeological finds of the sea coast region is stored in the Kretinga Museum. The museum is proud of the collections that consist of the art works of manor houses, folk and ethnographic art. The most interesting and unique exhibits are exhibited in the expositions, temporary exhibitions and this virtual exhibition.