Interactive website „ Exhibits Worth Seeing” was created in 2014 implementing the project “The Most Unique, Interesting and Valuable Museum Exhibits in the Virtual Exhibitions Dedicated for Tourists”. This project was accomplished by Lithuanian Museums’ Centre for Information and Digitisation and LIMIS (Lithuanian Integral Museum Information System) a department of the Lithuanian Art Museum and supported by Lithuanian Council for Culture.

Manager of the project: Danutė Mukienė, programmers: Ernestas Adomaitis and Simona Adomaitytė.

LM ISC LIMIS tel. (8 5) 261 9670, el. p.

Exhibition designers

In 2014, Lithuanian Museums’ Centre for Information and Digitisation and LIMIS a department of the Lithuanian Art Museum designed and published 20 virtual exhibitions from LAM and other museums’ collections. Other museums already have the opportunity to design virtual exhibitions. For participation, they receive a unique code, log in to the system and use virtual exhibitions’ designing instructions.

Content of the exhibitions

In the website users can access information about the most valuable and interesting exhibits collected and preserved in the museums. Digital content of the virtual exhibition should consist of one museum’s exhibits as well as several museums’ exhibits. Virtual exhibitions could be designed from the unique objects of cultural heritage stored in the private collections and institutions, also from active exhibitions in other countries which signed cooperation treaties with Lithuanian museums and together implement digitization and dissemination projects of cultural heritage.


Owners of these digitized images are museums, institutions, organizations and private individuals who own original exhibit; information about them should be presented in this publication. Digital images and other information published in the website can be used only without the violation of legislations of the Republic of Lithuania.

Dec 1, 2014