Gediminas Castle and the Hill are historical objects that are valued and familiar to every citizen of Lithuania. The state celebrates the centenary after the proclamation of Lithuania's independence. Gediminas Hill together with the castle is not only a national heritage but also a popular object in Lithuanian art and photography. The virtual exhibition, inspired by the current events, will reveal the most beautiful masterpieces of art, and exhibits displayed in chronological order will show the recorded changes in Gediminas Hill and Castle since the 19th century. This is an invitation to contribute to the preservation and honor of historical memory.
This virtual exhibition is designed to acquaint the viewer with the motif of an angel, and its imaging versatility in Lithuanian art (paintings, graphics and sculptures).

The most valuable and unique collection of archaeological finds of the sea coast region is stored in the Kretinga Museum. The museum is proud of the collections that consist of the art works of manor houses, folk and ethnographic art. The most interesting and unique exhibits are exhibited in the expositions, temporary exhibitions and this virtual exhibition.
In this virtual exhibition ‘Clothing and accessories of Rokiškis Counts’ are displayed the most valuable and interesting exhibits from the collection of clothing and accessories of Rokiškis Counts. Here you can see not only clothing, but also accessories, shirts, pants, shoes, sticks, socks, belts, handbags, jewellery, ribbons, buttons.
Kaunas residential-commercial house is situated in the Open Air Museum of Lithuania. It was built at the end of the 19th c. – the beginning of the 20th c. in Kaunas suburbs and was moved to the museum in 1990–1992. The building has unique shapes and a planned structure. It stands out with the main façade division, rich décor, elaborate door and gate decorations, windows shape and their partitioning fitted for shop’s showcases. Interwar manufactory shop is established in the first floor of the house, interwar sewing houses and expositions of renowned jacquard loom weaver Justina Tolutaitė’s weaver shop – in the second. The most valuable exhibits are displayed in this virtual exhibition.